Scholarship Essay Submission

Scholarship Essay Submission

Students applying for the 2010 Scholarship are required to submit an essay. The essay can be submitted using the form below. You can type your response in the text box or copy and paste your response from another document. Once we receive the essay, a scholarship application will be forwarded to you. Please send any questions to or call Brian Bodkin at 908-879-2038.


ASIS Western New Jersey Chapter

Dominic D. Allocca Scholarship

11th Annual Award

Today's FORTUNE 100 Companies recognize that the development and implementation of corporate security practices must ensure risk mitigation across business lines. Security programs are best when based upon industry Best Practices. Robust corporate security initiatives consist of program areas to include:

· Anti-terrorism
· Cyber-Security
· Executive Security
· Fire and Life Safety
· Investigations
· Physical Security
· Protection of Proprietary (Sensitive Business) Information
· Travel Security
· Workplace Violence Avoidance

You are a newly-hired regional security manager, reporting to the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of a major manufacturing company. Your responsibilities include putting in place and managing security programs, such as the above, within a tri-state geographic locale. You are the first to occupy your office and thus few existing security programs are in place within your region. You started to work and have observed already that there are deficiencies and lack of program development in three (3) or more of the above bullets.

Please submit an essay articulating how you would go about addressing what you have found regarding your new areas of responsibility. Be sure to cover at least 3 bulleted program areas in your essay and provide examples of the deficiencies and your recommendations for correcting them. Demonstrate in your response that you have researched these topics prior to writing your essay. The security requirements and your program recommendations should reflect that you have given thought to the unique security needs of a manufacturing environment. The most successful essays will provide examples of deficiencies found; corrective recommendations; a discussion of how you would report your concerns/recommendations to the CSO.

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