Chapter Library

Chapter Library

1. “Art of Investigative Interviewing”, 2nd Edition.*
2. “Corporate Crime Investigation”*
3. “Design and Evaluation of Physical Protection Systems”**
4. “Effective Physical Security”, 2nd Edition**
5. “Effective Security Management”, 3rd Edition, Charles A. Sennewald, CPP, 385 pp., 1998.
6. “Emergency Planning Handbook”, ASIS Standing Committee on Disaster Management, 96 pp., 1995.
7. “Encyclopedia of Security Management”, John J. Fay, CPP, Editor, 824 pp., 1993.
8. “Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation”, 6th Edition, Charles E. O’Hara and Gregory L. O’Hara, 1010 pp., 1994.
9. “Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention”, 3rd Edition, Lawrence J. Fennelly, Editor, 552 pp., 1999.
10. “High-Technology Crime Investigator’s Handbook”*
11. “Introduction to Investigations”, 2nd Edition*
12. “Introduction to Private Investigation: Essential Knowledge and Procedures for the Private Investigator”*
13. “Introduction to Security”, 6th Edition, Robert J. Fischer and Glon Green, 537 pp., 1998.**
14. “Investigations: 150 Things You Should Know”*
15. “Managing Today!”, 2nd Edition, 651 pp., 2000.
16. “Private Security and the Investigative Process”, 2nd Edition.*
17. “The Process of Investigation: Concepts and Strategies for Investigators in the Private Sector”, 2nd Edition, Charles A. Sennewald, CPP and John K. Tsukayama, CPP, 332 pp., 2001.*
18. “Protection of Assets Manual”, Timothy Williams, CPP, Editor, Four-volume set.
19. “Risk Analysis and the Security Survey”, 2nd Edition, James F. Broder, CPP, 352 pp., 2000.**
20. “Security and Loss Prevention”, An Introduction, 3rd Edition, Philip P. Purpura, CPP, 485 pp., 1998.
21. “Security Investigations: A Professional’s Guide”*
22. “Undercover Investigations in the Workplace”*
23. “U.S. Army Physical Security Field Manual”, FM 3-19.30 (Excerpted).**
* PCI Study Reference Books
** PSP Study Reference Books

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